Welcome to Around the Horn Daily. This blog is all about baseball from the perspective of the fans of the game. It will dig deep into projections, predictions, the controversial topics, and everything else involving America’s Pastime. If you are interested in baseball and diving deep into stats and challenging the standard view, this is the place for you.

This blog will solely focus on baseball, looking at it from different views statistically, from traditional stats to sabermetrics. It will report the games of the day and the power rankings week to week. The Blog will predict award winners and present arguments for potential hall of famers. Around the Horn will not only look into today’s game, but the history of the game. These opinions and rankings will be independent from the standard opinion pieces and power rankings that seem to be the same from one major outlet to another.

The goal of this blog is to present a different opinion that combines the two schools of thought in the game, combining the “Old School” approach as well as the “Moneyball” analytics approach. It will dive into rumors, trades, free agent signings, prospects, the draft, predictions, and more. The goal of this blog is to allow you, the reader, to think differently and see things about the game from a different view that ESPN or Sports Illustrated might say. I look forward to diving deep into baseball discussion from the viewpoint of the fans.